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RANA ASSOCIATES is an efficient construction company to meet the demands of the medium size construction market, particularly in private sector. Company have been involved in a variety of projects ranging from Residential complexes, high rised buildings to sophisticated Industrial sheds (e.g; Sugar , Textile & Flour Mills). Diverse experience allows us to venture into new challenges. RA had seen ups and downs of more the 3 decades during with it had enjoyed the many ups but shown strong and steadiness during few downs, incorporated in 1984 by young and passionate individual and started taking part in development of infrastructure of country. Development of industrial infrastructure alongside with commercial and residential structures was biggest achievement. With die heart devotion to work RA had made many long term relationships with its customers. RA always topped the list of its customers to be considered for any upcoming project. RA achievements were slow but steady and with each passing day company moved forward and focused on growth. With devoted and highly skilled personnel RA made recognition in the civil works market. From the RA recognized its potential in Industrial Constructions and indulged fully in to it, followed modern base line to concrete its existence in the market. As the modern era of construction began RA accepted the challenges and shown its expertise, now RA is responsible for many high raised commercial plazas which are glowing as jewels of the modern civil engineering wonders. As it is trending the construction of modern villas and farm houses RA was never far behind and developed many structures with modern architecture and solid construction. As looking for new horizons of construction and making possible civil work wonders, RA is ready with all the skills, knowledge, passion, up to date technology and equipment.

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Our passion is our mission and our passion is construction. May be it stems from the pleasure of overcoming the intricate challenges of construction or the feeling of accomplishment when a project is successfully completed. There is only one thing greater than our passion for construction. and that's our dedication to the needs and desires of our customer. We strive to meet and exceed our client's expectation to foster long term partnerships. To ensure the longevity of company repeat and referral business through satisfied customer is very necessary
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